• Jose Luis Pascual

    Jose Luis Pascual

    José Luis Pascual Dad Mobile Business Tech Internet Innovation Gamification MTB Cooking Reading Venezuela Panama Latam. Connecting the dots, Process on the fly

  • emediafort




    Agenzia Creativa, dove marketing e dati lavorano insieme.

  • Grace, Mu-Hui Yu

    Grace, Mu-Hui Yu

    I’m just a UX Designer & Researcher & Engineer & BBT-holic.

  • Amir Quraishi

    Amir Quraishi

    Social Entrepreneur, IT, Data Center, Disaster Recovery, High Availability

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Visit my Youtube Channel NOW! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGvX0M7Va0E-2e4eOju6uSw

  • Nken Allassan

    Nken Allassan

    deep learning and datascience enthusiast

  • Rafael Golden

    Rafael Golden

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