The term Customer Data Platform or CDP for short is quite a hyped topic in the field of marketing applications. Many software vendors are currently jumping on this trend. But what exactly is behind the buzzword CDP and what can a Customer Data Platform do for me?

CDP unified customer profile

What is a Customer Data Platform?

Let’s start simple with the Gartner definition:

A CDP is a marketing system that unifies a company’s customer data from marketing and other channels to enable customer modeling and optimize the timing and targeting of messages and offers — Lizzy Foo Kune, James Meyers — Gartner Research März 2018.

Let me put it…

Mautic is currently the only fully-featured, omnichannel Open Source solution for marketing automation on the market. From a feature perspective, Mautic does not have to hide from the big, proprietary players.

Mautic was founded in 2014 in Boston and is similarly organized as many other Open Source projects. There is a free community version that can be downloaded and self-hosted at There is also a commercial version for enterprise use, which can be rented from the cloud as a SaaS solution.

Currently, there are about 1,000 developers in the community who contribute to the project. Mautic has been translated…

In this article, I would like to draw your attention to some exciting technology projects that are helping people in the current crisis. I have also compiled a list of open source solutions that should serve as inspiration for new online services.

Innovative projects with digital technologies

There are a number of really great initiatives where organizations are creatively using technology to inform or provide their platform and infrastructure to help.

Chatbots on WhatsApp inform about the pandemic

For example, the WHO and the Indian government use WhatsApp chatbots to educate the population.

Free platform and infrastructure

The software manufacturer Acquia currently provides its infrastructure free of charge to organizations offering COVID-19 support. Acquia offers…

Using Google Cloud’s Machine Learning as a Service | Towards AI

With the help of NLP services like the Natural Language API of Google Cloud, it is possible to analyze the mood of a text. Google calls this feature the “Sentiment Analysis”. Let’s explore how this works and how you can use it for your chatbot or CRM.

Before starting the development, let’s have a quick look at the try out tool. You can just enter a random message in the text field and click “Analyze”. …

Chatbots are on the rise. There are already plenty of more or less useful chatbots out there, most of them based on Facebook Messenger. If you, however, reside in Europe, India, South America or Africa, it is likely that you are using WhatsApp as your preferred communication channel (stats). Nice, so what might be a useful case for a chatbot on WhatsApp? Since WhatsApp is currently focussing on customer service as described in their guidelines, let’s build a bot that helps to pre-qualify service inquiries.

What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisites for using WhatsApp commercially via the WhatsApp Business API is to either apply…

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Senior Solutions Engineer at Acquia, thrilled by digital technologies, outdoor sports, nature, sustainability and transparency. Based in Munich, Germany.

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